Positive Parenting

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” –Michael J. Fox

One of my favorite things to do at Lake Norman Family Therapy is to help parents feel more confident in their skills and improve relationships between parents and children. One of the best ways to do that is by guiding parents through Triple P.

What is Triple P? Triple P stands for Positive Parenting Program, and it is one of the most effective parenting programs out there. Triple P sticks to the basics, allowing parents and caretakers to build their own system that works for their families. It is an evidenced based program which shows that it works for many families in a variety of cultures, countries and family situations.  It provides parents and caretakers with the confidence to undertake the at times challenging role of parenting. Triple P provides those with confidence to raise healthy and happy children and teenagers.

Triple P consists of four separate sessions, where the therapist meets with the parents/caretakers only. Sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly depending on the pace that works best for the family. Parents are provided with tools and strategies for preventing misbehavior as well as managing misbehavior. Triple P does not tell you how to parent; rather, it gives practical strategies that families can adapt to suit their own values and beliefs.

how-parent-teamThere are many different tools provided by Triple P, such as videos — providing specific examples for families to relate to or to promote discussion where parents have reacted in the past saying “it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.” The program provides handouts, such as “the 5 steps to positive parenting,” and your very own parenting handbook — which follows the program week to week. There are also many, many Tip sheets.

What are Tip sheets, you ask? They are one to two pages full of just that — tips. There are many topics, from “How to support your partner,” “whining and tantrums,” “lying,” “dealing with disobedience,” to “how to address risky behaviors with teens.” Tip sheets begin by sharing information regarding what topic is noted on the sheet, giving history and facts, followed by strategies to both prevent and manage the noted topic.

My role as your therapist: I am here to provide support, feedback, and encouragement. Think of me as your personal coach. As noted above Triple P does not tell you how to parent; it does the opposite. It takes your own styles, building strategies and a plan that works for you and your family.

Lastly, my advice to those debating on whether or not this program is for you: just answer these three questions. Would an extra tool in your toolbox be a bad thing? Are things working the way they are currently going? We quickly get support for the children/teens, but what about added support for the parents? Positive parenting could be what you’re looking for.

More information about Triple P can be located on their website for parents. Click here to get to the site. I look forward to helping those in our community through this program. Please click here to reach out with any questions or assistance with scheduling an appointment with me.