Teletherapy: Is It Right For You?

In the wake of recommendations for physical distancing and, for some high-risk populations, self-quarantining, many are asking how they can continue to best address their mental health needs.

Some people are may find their symptoms of depression and anxiety are increasing at this time and are frustrated by the idea of missing therapy appointments or feeling limited in their ability to reach out to begin a therapeutic relationship.

In these cases, Teletherapy may be the best option. Teletherapy is the use of video and/or audio technology to provide clinical services to a client who is not physically present in the provider’s office.

Telehealth services have become increasingly popular in recent years. Laws that govern provision of clinical services as well as insurance coverage of these services have been changing over the course of the past few years. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for Telehealth services of various types, including Teletherapy has increased. Insurance companies have been making rapid changes to their policies to allow for increased access to care.

Lake Norman Family Therapy remains currently open for face to face therapy as usual, but has been responsive to the increasing need for utilizing Teletherapy. All clients may discuss the options available to them with their therapist and make a decision that balances clinical needs with realistic health and safety concerns.

We are in this together with our clients and are proud to offer Teletherapy as an option when appropriate to provide continued access to care.