Common Insurance Questions Answered

Insurance coverage has become increasingly difficult to navigate and understand, and there are a lot of insurance questions when it comes to your mental health. Lake Norman Family Therapy strives to provide clients, both current and potential, with detailed information to aide in understanding insurance benefits for services rendered in our office. We are in-network with BlueCross BlueShield PPO products and traditional Medicare. We are out-of-network with all other insurance companies. We will file claims to all insurance companies* and accept any reimbursement due directly from the insurance company**.

Ultimately, only your insurance company can provide you with accurate coverage information. We encourage clients to contact their insurance company directly to verify benefits prior to beginning treatment and any time during treatment that insurance coverage changes.

How to address insurance questions with your provider:

“Hello, I’d like to verify my benefits for a mental health office visit with an in-network provider (or out-of-network provider if your insurance is anything other than a BlueCross BlueShield PPO product or traditional Medicare).”

Insurance companies may ask for the individual provider’s name. Your insurance company may also ask for specific CPT codes; the codes most commonly billed are 90791, 90837, 9046, and 90847 for office visits and 96101 for psychological testing.

Below is additional information about select insurance companies:

BlueCross BlueShield PPO Products

Lake Norman Family Therapy is an in-network provider. Please look at the front of your insurance card to ensure that you see the letters “PPO” inside the suitcase on the bottom right corner, as pictured below:

Our office is out-of-network with non-PPO plans, which include Blue Value and Blue Local with CHS.


Lake Norman Family Therapy is NOT able to provide services to Medicaid members.


Lake Norman Family Therapy is in-network with traditional Medicare. If you have a replacement Medicare policy, it is very likely that our office is an out-of-network provider.


Lake Norman Family Therapy is an out-of-network provider. We do not accept assignment for Tricare payments; therefore, any insurance reimbursement due will be payable directly to the member.

I am happy to answer any insurance questions you may have. I can be reached at or 704-892-9490 x110.