Why Choose Us?

We know you have many options in the community when you are choosing a mental health provider….so why choose Lake Norman Family Therapy?

While I’m admit I’m biased toward my amazing team of talented women, I think our level of education, training, and breadth of experience with various populations, levels of care, and specialties are second to none. And putting this group together in one place is what really sets us apart.

Teamwork is an essential focus of our practice. Coming from inpatient and school settings where there is a multi-disciplinary team of qualified people surrounding you, supporting you, and addressing the needs of your clients from various perspectives, it can often be a jolt to practitioners who transition to private practice and find themselves feeling rather isolated. It also can make it difficult to fully serve the needs of families that may benefit from multiple services.

When you explore the bios of our staff, you’ll see that we have providers who specialize with all ages across the lifespan, who offer individual therapy, family therapy, marital therapy, parenting, and psychological testing services. Many of our clients are working with more than one provider and receiving multiple services. For example, a client may be working with one provider for individual therapy while seeing another for marital work. And during the course of treatment, perhaps one of our child therapists will assist him or her with a parenting issue or provide therapy for that client’s child.

At LNFT, we are able to pool our resources and work together to address challenges and provide the appropriate level of support to our clients. Not just a group of therapists who happen to work in the same location, our practice sets time apart on a regular basis to provide support and supervision to one another as well as to formally assess clients’ clinical needs and make treatment decisions as a team when necessary.

As I noted initially, I know I’m biased. I have the privilege of working with this staff every day. But I also know that what I love about this staff is what keeps clients returning and appreciating the level of care we provide.